It all started with two brothers who had a dream but barely enough money to pay the bills each month.  Eli and Jorge opened El Palmar in 2003. Roughly translated, El Palmar means “your oasis”.  We began with little more than a dream and a prayer.  Between us, we had more than twenty years of experience working as employees in other people’s restaurants so we had a good idea of what worked and what didn't work. We decided to open a restaurant for the opportunity to do it all the right way.

The original “El Palmar” opened in a small take-out location with seating for only 37 diners.  The two of us worked hard to create a menu from authentic family recipes using only the finest quality ingredients.

We soon saw that our customers loved our food and our tiny restaurant so our brothers Naul, Jaime and Jose decided to join us and help make it a family business.  The five of us worked together to establish a good reputation and by 2007 our popularity forced us to move to our current location.  We can now seat 75 diners in addition to our continuing take-out orders and catering business.

Because we are family owned and family run, we take pride in everything from the cooking to the cleaning and we treat our customers like family.  We take pride in our ability to serve fine, authentic Mexican meals at the affordable prices our customers have come to expect from us.  We are grateful for the warm welcome that this community has bestowed on us and in turn we are so happy to treat them as part of our extended family.

We invite you to come and eat with us and feel the warmth of El Palmar.  We invite you to make our family “Oasis” your family oasis too!